Why would anyone ever pay retail?

At Howard’s, we believe life’s luxuries should be affordable. That’s why we sell all our jewelry at well below traditional retail price... and our customers love us for it!

Our new jewelry prices are 30% off traditional retail price every day

We hand select jewelry with the rare combination of exceptional quality and value. And we strive to find unique pieces, tailored to our client’s needs and wants.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

How do we do it?

We are part of multibillion dollar buying group, which allows us to offer box store savings without sacrificing the neighborhood jeweler atmosphere. We then pass that savings on to our clients by offering our new jewelry at 30% off traditional jeweler pricing every day.

Our Certified Like New jewelry is always 50% below traditional retail price

Certified Like New Jewelry is jewelry that has been completely refurbished to look like its new condition, and marked clearly as “Certified Like New” on our website and in our stores. Only the purchaser will know the difference by the great deal they’ve gotten!

We fully disclose the fact that our Certified Like New Jewelry collection is previously owned, and our guarantee and return policies for Certified Like New jewelry are generous, so you’re protected if you change your mind. FIND OUT MORE

Our Certified Like New jewelry is a collection of unique, one-of-a-kind finds that can’t be duplicated in style or price. Perfect for both bargain hunters and connoisseurs looking to find an heirloom, vintage style, or a standout treasure.

Guaranteed Replacement

Go Green by buying Certified Like New jewelry!

All of our Certified Like New pieces are “recycled,” so no new mining has occurred because of your purchase.

*As in all of our stores, we mix both our new and Certified Like New jewelry together. We believe that the jewelry speaks for itself in beauty and craftsmanship, but have provided full details on each piece in the product description.

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